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  • Have A Good Clear out well in advance of moving - use up the contents of your freezer, throw away any unwanted items. Don't forget to clear out the loft and shed.
  • Drain fridges / freezers before removal and allow them to dry in plenty of time.
  • Ensure petrol driven garden equipment is fully drained of fuel.
  • Keep the boxed, ready to go items, in the room where they belong rather then stacking them all in a tight space. That way our removal team have plenty of room to move and can plan the loading and unloading of the truck to the best advantage.
  • You may wish to label boxed items with important contents and nominated room. A simple colour coding system also works well - red for kitchen, green for study this allows our removal guys to quickly identify the room where the box belongs.
  • Use a plan of your new home to mark up where specific items are to be unloaded on arrival.
  • Don't overfill the boxes, keep the weight at a reasonable amount to enable easy carrying and reduce the risk of boxes splitting.
  • Avoid underfilling the boxes as these boxes may collapse when stacked.
  • Where parking spaces are limited do ensure you make suitable arrangements in advance with neighbours.
  • Reduce the stress to your children and pets. Generally it’s best for them to be leave the house before it’s emptied. Why not leave them with a trusted friend until the move is completed.
  • Be aware that newsprint from newspapers can rub off on certain items. Plain paper may be more preferential.
  • Some beds and flat pack furniture are best dismantled before the move. This enables us to pack more into our trucks and the furniture is less vulnerable to breakages.
  • Have a box of essential items such as credit cards, mobiles, laptops, keys and keep the box in a safe place where it is easily accessed.